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First introduced with the opening of Hollywood Proper Residences in 2016, Proper Concierge is a thoroughly modern lifestyle management service for Proper guests and residents. Proper Concierge isn’t just one person sitting at a desk, it’s an ever-expanding and meticulously-selected menu of on-demand services and experiences that cater to the needs of today’s elite class of travelers. Forgot your power adapter? Need last-minute Hamilton tickets? Want to book a private flight to Napa? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. Just summon the Proper Concierge using the Proper App (or the phone in your room, if you prefer). Behind the scenes, some palms may be greased and backroom deals done. But all you need to be focused on is what to wear and what time to have your Uber waiting outside.


San Francisco

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Guest Services Callback Icon

Guest Services Callback

Just want to talk to us? Submit a request below and a member of our guest services team will call you in your room.

Email Folio Icon

Email Folio

Let us know if you would like our team to email you a copy of your bill.

Request Late Check Out Icon

Request Late Check Out

Not ready to leave us yet? We understand. Request a late check out.

Change Departure Icon

Change Departure

Have a change in plans? Request your desired departure date and we will contact to discuss.

Add Visitor Icon

Add Visitor

Expecting someone? Let us know!

Eat & Drink

Ice Delivery Icon

Ice Delivery

Request a bucket of ice delivered to your room.

Room Service Tray Icon

Room Service Tray

Finished with your meal? Let us know and we will come to pick up your tray.

Tea Kettle Icon

Tea Kettle

Request a tea kettle delivered to your room.

Local Recommendations Icon

Local Recommendations

Tell us what you are feeling and we will make a recommendation.


Valet Icon


Request valet to bring your vehicle around for you.

Taxi Icon


Request a taxi and a member of our guest services team will schedule one immediately.

Bicycle Borrow Icon

Bicycle Borrow

Borrow one of our Shinola bicycles to explore San Francisco on two wheels.

Luggage Pickup Icon

Luggage Pickup

Request valet to retrieve your luggage from your room.


Conference Room Icon

Conference Room

Book our board or conference rooms for your next meeting or private workspace (subject to availability)

Print Document Icon

Print Document

Need to print something? Send your document to our concierge and use this request to notify us when you’re ready to pickup.

Power Adapter Icon

Power Adapter

Request a power adapter for your electronics to fit in our outlets.


Schedule Cleaning Icon

Schedule Cleaning

Request your room to be cleaned at a specific time.

Extra Towels Icon

Extra Towels

Request extra towels to be delivered to your room.

Extra Pillows Icon

Extra Pillows

Request extra pillows to be delivered to your room.

Refresh Toiletries Icon

Refresh Toiletries

Request a refreshment of toiletry amenities. Just need a specific item? Tell us below.

Refresh Linens Icon

Refresh Linens

Request a change of linen in your room.

Extra Blanket Icon

Extra Blanket

Request an extra blanket to be delivered to your room.

Turn-Down Service Icon

Turn-Down Service

Request turndown service at a specific time.

Rollaway Bed Icon

Rollaway Bed

Request a rollaway bed to be delivered to your room.

Laundry Pickup Icon

Laundry Pickup

If you are ready for laundry service and have your completed laundry slip with your items, let us know.

Refresh Minibar Icon

Refresh Minibar

Request a refreshment of your minibar items. Only need a specific item? Tell us below.

Bathrobe Icon


Request a plush Avalon Beverly Hills bathrobe to be delivered to your room.

Baby Crib Icon

Baby Crib

Request a baby crib to be delivered to your room.

Slippers Icon


Request a pair of our comfy slippers to be delivered to your room.

Hangers Icon


Request a pair of our comfy slippers to be delivered to your room.

Personal Care Items Icon

Personal Care Items

Just realized you forgot something? Don’t worry, we’re here for you.



Laundry Icon


Have your clothing properly cleaned, and we’ll even put it away for you. Request before 9am and get same-day service.

Towel Service Icon

Towel Service

Replenish the towels in your residence. Fees may apply.

Maintenance Icon


Call on a Proper Engineer to fix any problems you may be having with your residence.

Housekeeping Icon


Summon a Proper Housekeeper to tidy up your residence.

Newspaper Delivery Icon

Newspaper Delivery

Blazing fast WIFI is no replacement for the real thing. Let us know if you’ve subscribed to a paper, and we’ll deliver it to your door.

Ice Delivery Icon

Ice Delivery

Request ice to be delivered to your residence.

Package Delivery Icon

Package Delivery

Let us know if you are expecting a package and we will be here waiting for it.

Bath Amenities Icon

Bath Amenities

Stock up on Malin and Goetz bath amenities.

Babysitting Services Icon

Babysitting Services

Book one of our qualified babysitters, available at a moment’s notice.

Trash Pickup Icon

Trash Pickup

Call on a Proper Houseman to pick-up bulky or oversized trash.

Hangers Icon


Request additional hangers for your residence.

Luggage Rack Icon

Luggage Rack

Have a luggage rack brought to your residence or a cart waiting for you in the lobby.

Add Visitor Icon

Add Visitor

Expecting someone? Let us know!

Eat & Drink

Restaurant Reservations Icon

Restaurant Reservations

Have the Proper Concierge get you a table at the best spot in town. Tell us what you are feeling and we will make a recommendation.

Nespresso Refill Icon

Nespresso Refill

Order your daily Nepresso refills delivered directly to your residence.

Personal Care

Sundry Kits Icon

Sundry Kits

Forgot some of your essentials? Purchase one of our custom sundry kits so you can stay on top of your game.

Shoe Shine & Repair Icon

Shoe Shine & Repair

Have our local cobbler help you put your best foot forward with overnight shoe shines and repairs

Tailoring Icon


Book a local tailor for daily needs and custom creations.

Barber Icon


Book an expert Barber for classic hair and shaving services in the comfort of your residence.

Hairstyling Icon


Get a custom cut and style from our celebrity hair stylists.

Make Up Icon

Make Up

Look glamorous for a photo shoot, event or a night out with our celebrity make-up artists.


Valet Icon


Summon a Proper Valet. Please allow 15 minutes for your car to be brought up.

Bicycle Borrow Icon

Bicycle Borrow

Borrow one of our Sole bicycles and explore Los Angeles on two wheels.


Yoga Icon


Sign up for a yoga class on our outdoor yoga patio.

Sports Equipment Icon

Sports Equipment

Forgot your basketball at home? Don’t worry. Borrow from our selection of top-of-the-line sports equipment and show the locals where you’re from.

Fitness Equipment Icon

Fitness Equipment

Get your tone, alone…without leaving your home. Borrow from our selection of personal fitness equipment and use it in your residence.

On Call Icon

On Call

Request an appointment with one of our vetted and qualified wellness specialists.

Fitness Center Services Icon

Fitness Center Services

Request additional towels or water for your workout.

Pool Service Icon

Pool Service

Request additional pool-side items and have them delivered to your lounge chair.

Personal Training Icon

Personal Training

Turn your intentions into actions by booking with our resident certified personal trainer.

Boxing Lessons Icon

Boxing Lessons

Learn to hit the heavy bag, create a dynamic core and become skilled at mitt work.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture Icon

Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Work with leading chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists to heal quickly and effectively from injury, aches and pains.

Meditation Icon


Meditation sessions from our renown teachers produce profound shifts to mental and physical imbalances.

Life Coaching Icon

Life Coaching

Partnering with our executive life coaches, a deep sense of balance and clarity enters your day to day life.

Nutrition Counseling Icon

Nutrition Counseling

Dial in on your body’s unique nutritional needs. Our nutritionists work with you to create a successful eating and supplementation plan specific to your health challenges and goals.

IV Therapy Icon

IV Therapy

Administered by local VIP doctors, IV treatments skip the digestive tract and go straight into the bloodstream, getting you all the water, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes you need.

Facial Icon


Get a progressive anti-aging facial from Beverly Hills in the comfort of your residence.

Personal Trainer Icon

Personal Trainer

Schedule your discounted 1-hour introductory session with our certified resident personal trainer.

House Call Doctor Icon

House Call Doctor

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a concierge mobile medical practice providing high quality comprehensive medical care to your home 24/7.

What is Proper?

Proper began as a feeling, not as an idea. The feeling was something akin to empathy; an acute awareness that despite the current proliferation of “boutique” and “lifestyle” hotels and residences, there were precious few properties designed for and around today’s global creative nomad. Many in our milieu share the same daunting challenge: staying fresh and focused,
energized and inspired—all whilst bouncing between London and Hollywood and Austin and San Francisco and Portland and back again. For them, intuitive service is a given. Mere table stakes. What they need and seek beyond accommodation, even at its most luxurious, is inspiration. From the elevated and often surprising interiors imagined by Kelly Wearstler. From the sense of immersion in, and connection to, the vibrancy of the local culture. From the highly curated amenities. From the inspired collaborations with the city’s best and most innovative chefs and mixologists. From the music and the art. From every detail, every interaction, every moment. This is only Proper. And no one else.

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