When we say, “Hollywood Proper” what we’re actually saying is the essential Hollywood. The heart of it. The best of it. The real, authentic, who-it-is-when-no-one’s-looking soul of Hollywood. This is the Hollywood Proper that we call home, the vibrant neighborhood full of colorful people and places that we have the privilege of sharing with our residents and guests. That’s why we created a neighborhood guide with our friends at How You Glow, an LA-based online wellness destination and lifestyle source that is known for their in-the-know tips on all things “glowy.” It’s the start of what will be an ever-evolving resource for our friends and family, an ongoing project that compiles the best of the best for our people in Hollywood that want to live the best life possible.


Wildsam Field Guides

Launched in 2012, Wildsam has published a dozen American guides that blend historical memoir, literary travelogue, and local expertise. Currently sold in over 500 design shops, boutiques, and modern general stores nationwide, the field guides have been spotlighted by The Wall Street Journal, GQ, The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Cereal, and, in 2015, Wildsam won the prestigious “Traveler 50” Award, presented by National Geographic.

What is Proper?

Proper began as a feeling, not as an idea. The feeling was something akin to empathy; an acute awareness that despite the current proliferation of “boutique” and “lifestyle” hotels and residences, there were precious few properties designed for and around today’s global creative nomad. Many in our milieu share the same daunting challenge: staying fresh and focused, energized and inspired—all whilst bouncing between London and Hollywood and Austin and San Francisco and Portland and back again. For them, intuitive service is a given. Mere table stakes. What they need and seek beyond accommodation, even at its most luxurious, is an inspiration. From the elevated and often surprising interiors imagined by Kelly Wearstler. From the sense of immersion in, and connection to, the vibrancy of the local culture. From the highly curated amenities. From the inspired collaborations with the city’s best and most innovative chefs and mixologists. From music and art. From every detail, every interaction, every moment. This is only Proper. And no one else.

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