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San Francisco | February 07, 2022

L’Objet Wines x Dan Glover – A Proper collaboration in celebration of Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month, we’re honored to partner with Dan Glover, founder of Sonoma County’s L’Objet Wines. Starting this month, a selection of L’Objet’s Russian River Pinot Noir, Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc, and a Red Wine Blend from Dry Creek will be offered at our SF Proper restaurants, Villon and Charmaine’s. A portion of February’s profits will also be donated to the Bay Area-based La Cocina, the nation’s first women-led food hall. 

Read on to discover more about Dan’s impeccable wine, his journey as a vintner, and more.

Tell us about yourself and how you began your journey in the winemaking industry?
I started acting in plays when I was about 10 years old. I did theatre throughout college and I still act today. I also play music and have been in various bands and projects since high school. I found photography through a role in a movie about 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back since!

What inspired you to create L’Objet Wines?
I love Pinot Noir and I had a chance to make wine from a storied vineyard so I took that chance — to me it was a sign that I needed dedicate my time to this business.

What challenges have you faced being a Black entrepreneur and how do you navigate through those times?
I think the biggest challenge is that some people don’t think Black people can make world-class wines so I’ve tried to prove them wrong. When I see skepticism turn to surprise then to delight, that makes me happy.

What’s a typical day like for you in Sonoma County?
During harvest, I’m up early and off to one of the vineyards to sample grapes. Then I’m at the winery analyzing grapes and fermentations and after that it’s time to crush the grapes and clean.

Can you discuss your creative process when it comes to winemaking and your business?
I want the vineyards to speak for themselves. I don’t like to manipulate the process of winemaking. For the business, I try not to overthink it: I just try to put out the best product I can and hope people like it.

We are so excited to be serving L’Objet Wines at SF Proper! Can you tell us a bit about your wine offerings available at Villon and Charmaine’s?
We will be offering our Russian River Pinot Noir, Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc, and a red wine blend from Dry Creek. All of these wines are great with a wide spectrum of dishes which I’m excited to pair with the food at Proper’s restaurants.

What is your all-time favorite food and wine pairing?
I like pairing Pinot Noir with soy-and-miso-glazed halibut. I also like to make butter fish crudo with a touch of Japanese salt, a couple of drops of high end soy sauce, and lime paired with Sauvignon Blanc.

As we celebrate and honor Black History Month, in what ways do you feel are most effective for allies of the Black community to continue their support?
I think that supporting the Black community starts with one sharing…[supporting on your own and] telling your friends too. Word of mouth is very important.

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