Proper Presents: SOUNDS with Stephan Moccio

Santa Monica | June 26, 2024

Proper Presents: SOUNDS with Stephan Moccio

On May 15, we continued our new Proper Presents series with a captivating live piano performance and conversation with Grammy & Oscar-nominated composer, songwriter, and producer Stephan Moccio—all in the intimate, candlelit Canela Lounge at Santa Monica Proper.

A classically trained musician known for his work with artists like The Weeknd, Celine Dion, and Miley Cyrus, Moccio has crafted an impressive career through collaborations with top pop artists and his work on high-profile projects—including co-writing the international hit “Wrecking Ball” for Miley Cyrus and contributing to The Weeknd’s chart-topping single “Earned It,” featured on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack and earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. In addition to his pop music achievements, Moccio has also composed music for film and television, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of music theory. 

For this special Proper Presents performance, guests were treated to an exclusive early preview & performance of Moccio’s forthcoming album, which was recorded at the acclaimed Miraval Studio in France and continues to explore Moccio’s ability to evoke a deep emotional response to the possibilities of music. As a perfect complement to the night, guests enjoyed a selection of Stephan’s favorite Italian and French wines—plus specialty cocktails inspired by his newest songs, including The Moccio (Spicy) Margarita, the Nineteen Years-Old Fashioned, and the Make Believe (Espresso) Martini.  

Thank you to Stephen for sharing your beautiful work—and to everyone who joined us at this inspiring performance. Be sure to follow along for more summer gatherings in the Proper Presents series, our ongoing lineup of meaningful community events curated around themes of design, sustainability, culinary innovation, wellness, and more.

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