Caldo Verde Indoor Dining Room

Downtown L.A. | January 06, 2022

The Sounds of Downtown L.A. Proper

This month, we’re getting to know the Downtown L.A. Proper through sound, where our special curated playlists add depth and dimension to the design of each space.This playlist takes cues from Downtown L.A. Proper’s warmth, eclectic energy, and timelessness, expressed through a mix of retro and modern influences. Note a hint of global flair, embracing the spirit of the nomadic traveler, and boundary-less living of Downtown L.A. itself.

Take yourself on a virtual vacation and listen to “The Sounds of Downtown L.A. Proper.” 


  1. Amanha Tou Melhor – Capitao Fausto
  2. Wildfires – SAULT
  3. 2016 – Tagua Tagua
  4. Cancao de Rejeicao – B Fachada
  5. No Balanco da Canoa – Maga Bo
  6. Banho de Folhas – Luedji Luna
  7. Maxxxin – Chris Bear
  8. Se Nao Vai – Catavento
  9. Cadenza – Edit – Yuksek, Polo & Pan
  10. Pelo Negro – Fernando Milagros
  11. Navegar – Joao Selva
  12. Rose Rouge – Jorja Smith
  13. Ja Nao Ha Mais Paz – Guts, Catia Werneck
  14. Point and Kill – Little Simz, Obongjayar
  15. Do Pilá – Goma-Laca, Karina Buhr
  16. Caipirinha – DjeuhDjoah
  17. Menina Mulher da Pe – Blundetto
  18. Kryé Mwen – David Walters
  19. Bielzinho / Bielzinho – O Terno, Xinobi
  20. Fortaleza – Bolier
  21. La Samba E II Mare – Giovanni Damico


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