As our guest, rest assured that your stay plays a part in our ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and developmental responsibility. 

Transparency & Evolution

Grounded in our Values

Sustainability is a long-term conversation, not a one-time solution. Across everything we do we’re guided by making choices that reflect our values, striving to transparently communicate the ways we’re continuing to integrate sustainability-focused initiatives into the holistic Proper experience.

Our Accreditations

The Highest Standards

We continuously advance the design, construction, and operation of our properties to reduce their environmental impact and are proud to uphold the following standards across our properties – 

Austin Proper: LEED ® GOLD CERTIFIED | Santa Monica Proper:  LEED ® SILVER CERTIFIED | San Francisco Proper: SFB ® GREEN CERTIFIED | Downtown L.A. Proper – Winner for the 2022 Preservation Design Award for Rehabilitation from the California Preservation Foundation.


A Long-Term Vision

We work to keep waste, water, and electricity usage to a minimum, and we’ve implemented a range of environmental design strategies that keep our environmental footprint small for the long-term. One of our recent endeavors is a single use hand bar soap recycling program with Clean The World.

Holistic Design

Telling sustainable Stories through our Spaces

Immersive design is core to the Proper experience. We’re guided by telling stories through our spaces that are both transportative and holistically considered. Our interiors utilize natural, locally-sourced, and vintage materials while prioritizing reusable and multi-use goods. Whenever possible, we seek to celebrate and retain the meaningfully original details in a space, finding inspiration in preserving history and craft.

Water Responsibility

A Resourceful Approach

Mindful water use is vital for environmental longevity, particularly in our cities where drought remains an ever-present concern. We work to be responsible stewards of water through ongoing initiatives including on-site filtration systems, consolidated laundry services, and offering recyclable and glass containers for fresh water across our hotels.

Advocacy & Engagement

Community Connection

We are here to start conversations about the environment and protect it. Through volunteering, donating, and partnering with local organizations like Heal the Bay, Waterloo Greenway, and the California Green Business Network, we’re dedicated to investing our time and full understanding to any location’s specific environmental considerations.

Health & Wellbeing

Rest Easy

Sustainability and wellbeing are interconnected; we place human health and wellness at the center of our experience, consciously integrating air and water filtration systems throughout our property to ensure our guests’ comfort and care.

Responsible Sourcing

A Holistic Dining Experience

Across our restaurants, our menus are inspired by thoughtful seasonality, local farms, biodynamic vintners, and independent distilleries with whom we share a commitment to integrity, quality, and fair labor practices. This philosophy extends throughout the dining experience, where our restaurants all utilize sustainable packaging (pending available supplies).

A Collective Effort

Be Part of the Change

Daily choices add up to impactful change: we hope to inspire mindful consumption by inviting our guests to be part of these efforts, whether through minimizing water use with reduced laundry services or exploring our Proper cities on our complimentary bikes. 

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