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Austin | September 29, 2021

After Hours by Ben Zink aka Son Fjor

Introducing a playlist as warm and groovy as the space in which it’s played: our new After Hours playlist is a taste of what we’re spinning at Goldie’s with our resident DJ Ben Zink (and outfitted by local design partner Esby). Inspired by the vibe of our intimate cocktail bar, these tunes are best enjoyed with lights dimmed and a martini in hand.

To kick it off, get to know Ben—aka Son Fjord—in our Proper interview below…and catch him at Goldie’s every other Wednesday from 8-11pm.




What factors inspire your music selection when DJing a space?

When I’m fully engaged in thinking about DJing an event, the space is one of my first considerations. It’s valuable to imagine myself selecting music within a specific interior to immerse myself and fully grasp what I will play. I think about who will be there, how they will be interacting, and what they will be thinking and talking about (or that the volume of music allows them to talk at all)…I have come to discover that DJing is largely about managing your own ego and accommodating others.

How do you look for or discover new (or new to you) music?

An answer people can relate to is through listening to podcasts and web radio shows; however I discover the most when I look up which records musicians and producers have historically worked on; pulling up other volumes of compilations in a series that I have yet to be exposed to; or combing through records that appear on labels I recognize. I was not born with the physical digging gene, but I can scour Discogs for hours.

What’s your favorite current record?

Honestly, I’m pretty squarely focused on old music. My “desert island year” of production is 1983, so it should come as no surprise that I don’t actually own that many contemporary albums. That said, I really enjoy Khruangbin – Mordechai. My next most favorite album is from 2018 — Nu Guinea – Nuova Napoli.

Tell us a little about your custom playlist for the Austin Proper.

This small set is meant to encompass a compressed sequence of songs I’ve played in Goldie’s. In our set, we focus on jazz, soul, and rhythms hailing from south of the 20th Parallel (Haiti, Brazil). The tempo starts slow and we eventually speed it up for a good blend of texture and flavor.

How does fashion or personal style influence music for you? 

I’ve been fortunate to have experiences DJing in spaces where people are encouraged to be fashion-forward, and I attempt to keep up! In the same way as Goldie’s influences my selections with regard to its space, I like to wear a grey jumper by Esby and add a splash of color with a pocket square; an outfit that allows me to blend with and compliment the materials and textures of my surroundings.

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