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Santa Monica | January 14, 2023

Meet: Resident Wellness Instructor Rebecca Buringrud

Meet Rebecca Buringrud, Los Angeles-based wellness instructor-in-residence at Santa Monica Proper and full-time fitness teacher. Rebecca’s wellness offerings at Santa Monica Proper span from vinyasa yoga flows to HIIT bootcamp classes — inspiring guests to maintain Proper health and wellbeing while traveling. 


  • Tell us a bit about yourself and what sparked your yoga journey.

My yoga journey began my sophomore year of college after I had just injured my lower back. I had always been interested in doing yoga, and I thought it would help me be able to move my body through recovery. I instantly fell in love, joined a yoga studio, and went almost every day of the week. Not only did yoga help my physical body, but it became my “moving mediation” practice that helped my mental and emotional well-being while dealing with the stress of working on an undergraduate degree. Going to a yoga class allowed me to press pause on all the things I had to do or even think about in my current life, let go for an hour and do something good for me, my mind, and my body. I always left feeling more relaxed, motivated, and rejuvenated.


  • We’re thrilled to offer your wellness classes at Santa Monica Proper. Can you describe what guests can expect during a Vinyasa Yoga Flow and HIIT Bootcamp class?

For the Vinyasa Yoga Flow you will get the opportunity to stretch and strengthen your body in different ways through movement, balancing, and restorative stretching. Imagine the best of both worlds as you get to experience different challenging transitions and postures, as well as surrender into relaxing stretch holds. This class is aimed to give all levels of yogis a full body flow. All levels are welcomed as modifications are always offered.

For the HIIT Bootcamp class, expect to be physically challenged! This is a stationary, bodyweight, full-body workout. Expect bursts of cardio, push-ups, squats, and everything in-between in a fast-paced class. (All levels are welcomed as there are always modifications for any need.)


  • What do you wish for people to take away from your classes?

I hope for everyone to feel like they are going to conquer the day. Taking care of your physical and mental self is such an empowering feeling. You have one body, and you have the choice to show up for yourself, love yourself, and choose to be the best version of yourself. When you make the choice to set that alarm and get to a yoga or fitness class you do just that. Whether you’re on your way to brunch or work afterward, my hope is everyone feels this empowered joy. 


  • How has Southern California influenced your style of teaching?

Here in SoCal, we get wonderful outdoor weather often throughout the year. There is nothing like feeling the sun against your skin, breathing in the fresh air, and watching birds fly by first thing in the morning. Connecting with our surroundings is a beautiful meditative experience. Getting to live here offers the opportunity to practice yoga in the beautiful, fresh outdoors.


  • Can you discuss how yoga affects our physical and mental health?

Yoga helps us meet ourselves on the mat. I’ve entered a yoga class where I started tearing up in just the first child’s pose. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need to push pause on our life and do a little TLC until we get there. Whether the class is a challenging or restorative one, we focus our awareness on our body and our breathing, taking us away from worrying about our external situations. Doing this can help us tune into our body, calm our racing minds, and allow us to re-enter our day with a refreshed perspective.


  • What is your favorite yoga pose at the moment and why?

Handstands! I absolutely love going upside down. It centers my focus – I’m not thinking about anything else while I’m doing it. If I can hold myself upside down, I can do anything.


  • What advice can you share to others on maintaining an active lifestyle and staying consistent?

Remember how GOOD you feel after allowing time for yourself! Pushing your body is so rewarding; it feels good to move and sweat. Exercise has so many benefits: It enhances mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, helps your immune system, and so much more. Remember we have these beautiful, capable, physical bodies to exercise and care for. Choose to be the best, healthiest, fittest version of yourself. Know that you are worth it, and whatever time you are able to give to an exercise or movement practice always makes a difference. Find a routine that makes you enjoy moving your body – whether that’s working out by yourself or finding a motivating class. Once you get into a routine you love, you won’t want to break it.


As a guest of Santa Monica Proper, enjoy complimentary wellness classes by Rebecca Buringrud.



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