Surya Spa

Santa Monica | September 25, 2023

The Best Ayurvedic Spa in LA

One of the most luxurious cocoons on earth is the Kelly Wearstler–designed, Santa Monica Proper–adjacent Surya Spa: Exquisitely patterned fabrics line the walls, carved-wood doorways glide silently open and shut, and delicious smells waft gently from the kitchen. But when you find yourself literally bathing in precious oils, massaged by two people at once, the extent of the luxury becomes clearer—this is being cared for on a far deeper level than most people ever experience.

The brainchild of longtime Ayurvedic practitioner Martha Soffer (she’s famous for her dosha consultations, detoxes, and Panchakarma treatments, and Gwyneth’s been a client for years), the spa reflects Soffer’s no-compromises approach in every detail.

Soffer herself customizes the course of treatments for any client doing a deeper dive into Ayurveda, whether she’s selecting oils to be warmed overnight for the spa’s four-handed signature Abhyanga massage or setting out the diet, exercise, and other protocols for the Panchakarma treatments she’s known for. The latter can last from 3 to 28 days, depending on your time and preference. “Most people do five to seven days,” says Soffer. “I love it when people do seven, so we can work on all seven levels of the body.”

It’s the most LA experience of all time, and at the same time, the least. Whatever your perspective, it’s next-level self-care with results for both mind and body that last long after the treatments have become (warm, happy) memories.


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