Proper Essentials

Meet: Resident Wellness Instructor Rebecca Buringrud

Meet Rebecca Buringrud, Los Angeles-based wellness instructor-in-residence at Santa Monica Proper and full-tim... read more

Downtown L.A. Fashion Bible

Famous for its Fashion District—a neighborhood where the world of garment makers have gathered since the 70s... read more

Experiences: Fall Happenings in Austin

As seasons shift and the summer heat begins to fade, we’ve rounded up some of the best happenings to experie... read more

Luminex 2.0: Projected Realities

Luminex—the award-winning outdoor digital art exhibition—returned to Downtown L.A.’s South Park District... read more

Bars & Speakeasies

Ease into your evening with dynamic Downtown options for after work happy hour, live music, or a nightcap. Fro... read more

Restaurants & Eateries

Find world-class cuisine and some of LA’s most acclaimed restaurants in the heart of Downtown. From Bestia... read more

Boutique & Concept Stores

From designer boutiques to quirky concept stores, Downtown LA boasts an eclectic shopping experience. To name... read more

Galleries & Museums

There’s no better place to immerse yourself in culture than in Downtown’s art scene. An engaging mix of co... read more

L’Objet Wines x Dan Glover – A Proper collaboration in celebration of Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month, we’re honored to partner with Dan Glover, founder of Sonoma County’s... read more

The Sounds of Downtown L.A. Proper

This month, we're getting to know the Downtown L.A. Proper through sound, where our special curated playlists... read more

After Hours by Ben Zink aka Son Fjor

Introducing a playlist as warm and groovy as the space in which it's played: our new After Hours playlist is a... read more

Sunday Swim by Lizet aka DJ Mija

As we approach our final month of summer, we enjoy a vibrant yet groovy Spotify playlist from La Piscina's res... read more

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