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Best Sellers


Therabody TheraFace Pro Facial
Focusing on firming, and contouring this facial helps improve radiance, increase circulation and reduce swelling. Feel skin calm and facial muscles relax through this high-tech experience featuring Therabody’s Theraface Pro device and Monastery skincare. Modalities can include percussive cleansing & facial massage, hot & cold CryoThermal therapy, red, blue, & IR LED, and microcurrent, based on your particular needs. Therapeutic for all skin types, but especially suggested for those seeking notably youthful results or deeper facial massage.

MONASTERY X The Proper Glow Facial
60m, 75m
An instantly transformative treatment that combines state-of-the-art technology with ancient techniques for luminous, visibly lifted skin. Building on the Proper Facial, our estheticians are trained to customize a program based on your skin’s current needs. Choosing from different modalities such as contouring and lifting microcurrent, lymphatic-stimulating and collagen-remodeling Gua Sha, and rejuvenating LED treatment for the face and hands. This facial provides radiance, elasticity, and lift that improves with every session.

Gua Sha Facial
Experience the ancient art of gua sha facial massage using Monastery, natural, small batch, aromatherapeutic skincare products and Lanshin traditional Chinese medicine tools. This lymphatic drainage technique has been performed for thousands of years and is known for its soothing nature and relaxing sensation. Perfect for any skin type needing to unwind, but beloved by those prone to inflammation and puffiness.

LED Light Therapy Facial
This focused facial treatment delivers treatment that’s beyond skin deep. A cleansing and exfoliating treatment clears the way for LED to revitalize skins texture. Treatment is completed with appropriate skincare for stellar results, inside and out.
Available in red light for building collagen and elastin and blue light to soothe breakout prone skin.

Diamond Glow Facial
60m, 75m, 90m
An intensely revitalizing anti-aging treatment for the most demanding complexions. This facial uses sophisticated ingredients for long-lasting hydration. Diamond reinforces the skin’s natural defense system, improving elasticity and luminosity while simultaneously soothing and calming the skin. Designed for those looking for the ultimate in luxury skincare with radiant results.


Tequila: The Proper Way
Ease your body aches with the healing anti-inflammatory benefits of agave and tequila. Start with a sip of Lalo Tequila that will touch all your senses. As the massage therapist takes you on a guided meditation. Detoxifying the skin through dry brushing increases lymph movement and completing the journey.

LED Light Therapy Body Treatment
A bespoke body massage that blends deep tissue and swedish modalities while weaving in 15 minutes of Infrared Lightwave Elite LED Therapy. Infrared light activates the body’s natural healing powers, stimulating the reparative process as well as address muscle aches and pains to promote well-being.
Infrared (IR) light (wavelength 800nm – 900nm) energy penetrates tissue at a greater depth than the blue and red light. Approximately 50% penetrates to 8cm and decreases to less than 1% at 20cm (NASA study). Infrared energy is known to heat tissue and its effects are well documented for therapeutic pain management.

Proper Massage
A bespoke massage that will indulge your muscles, whether you are in need of a Swedish massage or Deep Tissue or an intuitive infusion of both.

Recovery Room Touchless Service

Dry Sauna
15m, 30m
Sweat out toxins and tackle the causes of emotional stress with our 195 degree dry sauna. In this short session you will be accelerating your body’s recovery time.

Joovv Red Light Therapy Wall
Support cellular regeneration in just 10 minutes with our Joovv Red Light Therapy Wall. LED light and infrared frequencies penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and ATP. This leads to relief from inflammation, enhanced skin health, accelerated tissue repair, physical and mental recovery.

Cold Plunge Therapy
Cold plunge is quick and effective! In this 15 minute session you will be accelerating muscle recovery, boosting your immune system and reducing any inflammation.

Cold Plunge + Red Light Therapy
30m, 60m
This invigorating combination of red light + infrared and cold plunge are guaranteed to make you feel refreshed and renewed. In this 30 or 60 minute session you will be combating chronic pain and everyday stress.

Contrast Therapy
15m, 30m, 60m
Regain your proper health by combining the dry sauna, red-light and cold plunge therapies. Heat up in the sauna and then reap the benefits of JOOVV red-light infrared wall and then plunge into the ice bath. A game changing combo that will have you performing at your peak.

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Recovery Room Monthly Packages
Frequent visitors of the Recovery Room can purchase a Monthly Package to enjoy the touchless services: red light therapy, cold plunge, and dry sauna (coming soon). Packages must be a minimum of three months, are automatically renewed with a 30 day notice required to cancel, and sessions do not rollover month to month.

15 Minute Session Packages:
8 per month – $208/month
16 per month – $328/month

30 Minute Session Packages:
8 per month – $382/month
16 per month – $600/month

Retail Products

Take home your favorite skincare, beauty and wellness products, available for purchase at Verbena Spa at Austin Proper Hotel.

To learn more, check availability and place an order, call +1 (512) 628 – 1418 or email atxp.verbenaspa@properhotel.com

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General Information

Hours of Operation

Mon-Thurs, 10:00am–6:00pm
Fri-Sun, 9:00am-7:00pm



For appointments or general inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly at:

Phone: 512-628-1418 or extension: 1418

Email: atxp.verbenaspa@properhotel.com


Pricing & Payments

To maintain maximum standards of service and quality, prices may change without prior notification. All major credit cards accepted. Personal checks are not accepted. 

A wellness fee of 3% will be applied to help cover the cost of healthcare benefits that we offer to our employees. Thank you for supporting our staff.

Spa Etiquette

The Verbena Spa is a cellphone and smoke-free zone. Please respect all guests’ right to privacy. 



A valid credit card is required to hold all reservations. To avoid a full-fee charge, we require a 6-hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule any service. Please note that late arrival will result in reduced treatment time. 


For your ease and convenience, a suggested 20% gratuity will be applied to each service. It is fully distributed to the spa therapist and support staff who served you during your spa experience.  You are welcome to make any adjustments to the gratuity amount according to your personal experience at check-out.  



We encourage your arrival 15 to 30 minutes prior to your appointment to enjoy exclusive spa facilities, including complimentary steam rooms, and lounge with accompanying amenities. We invite hotel guests to arrive at the Spa wearing the robe and slippers provided in their guest room. Verbena Spa will provide towels, slippers and additional amenities required for use during your spa experience.  

Health Conditions

Prior to your treatment selection, please be sure to inform us of any health conditions you may have such as allergies, injuries, or pregnancy, as these may affect your treatment selection. 

Age Policy

Guests must be 18 years of age or older to experience spa treatments and enjoy the spa facilities. Guest under the age of 18 can enjoy our spa treatments accompanied by a parent or guardian, they will not have access to the spa facilities. 


How to Use Lockers

To UNLOCK, enter code __________________ 
Turn knob UP to the unlocked position 

To LOCK, with knob in unlocked position, set any 4-digit code   
Turn knob RIGHT to locked position then scramble code 

To UNLOCK, re-enter your 4-digit code  
Turn knob UP to the unlocked position 

Women's Locker Room

To Maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization, the following items are available upon request:  

  • Razors
  • Shaving cream
  • Hair dryer
  • Straightener
  • Curling iron
  • Heat resistant spray
  • Hair spray
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup remover
  • Shower caps
  • Tampons
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Brushes
  • Combs 
Men's Locker Room

To Maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization, the following items are available upon request:  

  • Razors
  • Shaving cream
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair spray
  • Deodorant
  • Shower caps
  • Brushes
  • Combs 

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